Corante in BusinessWeek

The Corante Innovation Hub, of which I am a part, is mentioned in the October 9 issue of BusinessWeek (subscription required to see the link). It says that the Corante Innovation Hub is the place

to get top-quality entries on innovation and creativity all in one place…It adds up to a mix of new voices, helpful context, and ahead-of-the-curve musings on everything from design to the newest ways to measure innovation.

Of course, we get press right when there’s a down-time in my blog from my own personal chaos (for those following, I close on my house tomorrow and move this weekend—expect posts to become more frequent soon thereafter).

I’m glad that my colleagues and Corante are getting recognition and, hopefully, increased attention for their hard and thoughtful work. I also can’t wait to get back to normal life and start posting again—amazing how much I miss it.